Yes4All MH-H150 Tactical Hunting Survival Fixed Blade Knife +Nylon Sheath w/ intergrated compass – ?H7I8Z

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Full tang reliable tactical hunting knife with black nylon sheath and integrated compass. Ideal for camping, hunting, backpacking, fishing and every day carry as emergency kits. Blade: Yes4All features a serious sharp 6′ Stainless steel blade, ideal for chopping, slicing or skinning effectively and the saw tooth back help you to cut through thick foliage. Decorative Cut-in holes lessen the weight of the knife and can be used as wrench in urgent situations. Ergonomic handle: Made of ABS material to increase strength, rigidity and toughness. No more blister, drop or get cut by slipping, the standard handle fits your hand like custom-made. The stylish design of the handle with hand grooves helps you to have a comfortable and strong grip, even in wet condition; plus, the integrated compass is a nice touch in survival situations. Sheath: Matching Camouflage nylon sheath comes with a Liner to enhance stiffness of the sheath and prevent it from being worn out or cut by the knife blade.  The sheath also comes Belt Loop for easy carry and Snap Fasteners to firmly secure your knife, making sure it fit well into the sheath and well protected. Important notice about the compass: The compass is just a bonus add-on. Due to the design, shape, & nature of the compass, there is a small chance that it may not work properly. Hence, we do not offer any warranty about the compass.


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