X-Acto X5262 Double Knife Set

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Product Description

Product Description This item is X-Acto X5262 Double Knife Set . Used for Handtools & Tool Organizers, Knives. The produt is manufactured in China. From the Manufacturer The X-ACTO Double Knife Set includes a Number 1 precision and a Number 2 medium weight precision knife for a variety of light and medium-duty cutting tasks. This set includes the following blades: two Number 11 classic fine point and Number 24 deburring, and one Number 10 general purpose, Number 16 scoring, Number 17 lightweight chiseling, Number 18 heavyweight chiseling, Number 19 angled wood chiseling and Number 22 large curved carving blades. X-ACTO has coordinated sets of the highest quality knives, blades, and tools. These sets have been designed to accommodate different levels of experience, from the beginner to the professional.


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