X-Acto X3208 8R Utility Knife

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Product Description Item #: EPIX3208. Utility Knife,X-Acto TM,Red, No. 8R, With Light Weight Plastic Handle, Adjustable Cutting Depth And Retractable And Reversible Blade, For Fast Cutting Of Paper, Cartons, Packages, Cloth, Cord, Twine And Envelopes. Customers also search for: knives; blades; knife; razor, Discount Lightweight Utility Knife, Buy Lightweight Utility Knife, Wholesale Lightweight Utility Knife,79946320800 Utility Knives and Blades For more than 65 years, Elmer’s Products, Inc. has been providing creative adhesive solutions that support success and turn ideas into reality. From the Manufacturer The X-ACTO Number 8R Lightweight Retractable Utility Knife features a reversible blade with a three position blade lock and includes a Number 8R lightweight retractable utility knife blade. This knife is for general-purpose fast cutting of paper, cartons, packages, cloth, twine, envelopes, board and coupons. The compatibility of X-ACTO handles with famous X-ACTO blades creates knives so versatile they can accommodate the widest range of cutting requirements. All aluminum, plastic and rubberized handles are designed for in-the-hand comfort, textured for firm grip, balanced for control in use and come in a wide variety of styles. More than 25 different knives are available to meet every cutting need.


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