Ultimate Tactical Folding Knife, Light, Cord Cutter, Glass Breaker & More!

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The Ultimate Tactical Folding Knife! This One Knife has it all! You will never need another Knife! Spring Assisted Half Serrated Folding Knife, Removable Flashlight, Cord Cutter, Glass Breaker, Fire Starter & Bottle Opener! Blade: 3mm Thick, 3.5 Inches Long, Closed: 5 Inches; Overall: 8 1/2 Inches BONUS! Included with your purchase you get our Ceramic and carbide grade knife sharpener. Includes ceramic rods non-slip rubber feet plastic holder and carbide cutting heads. This features 2 tungsten carbide cutting heads whose pre-set angles ensure the perfect edge every time. 3-4 strokes restores the edge.


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