ToolUSA 5 Inch Stainless Steel Pocket Knife With 2 Inch Blade: PK-19025

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Size:2-inch This little pocket knife is the one you will reach for time after time. With it’s brushed stainless steel body, and it’s mirror-finish extra sharp blade, this is the perfect knife to carry with you every day. You can cut twine in the warehouse, or open packages at the office. You can take it camping or fishing. This knife can do it all. * This Is A Sleek And Beautiful Stainless Steel Pocket Knife That Will Do The Job For You Everytime * This Knife Has An Extra Sharp Mirror Finish Blade That Is 2 Inches Long * Overall Size Of 5 Inches, And A Folded Length Of 2-3/4 Inch-convenient Pocket Size * Handy For Cutting String, Opening Cartons, Carving Kindling At The Campsite And Much More * 3/8 Inch Width, And A Weight Of Only 1.3 Ounces- This Is A Great First Knife For Scouting BLACK FRIDAY Specials -Cyber Monday & Holiday Deal


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