Titanium Bartender Bottle-Fly Knife Trainer Bottle Opener Flip-flop Balisong

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Titanium Bartender Bottle-Fly knife trainer plus bottle opener. This is ideal for practicing your flipping safely and popping off bottle caps in the process. Imagine the look your friends will give you when they see you flip out this Titanium Bartender Bottle-Fly and pop open a beer. It is about 8.5 inches long when open and the stainless steel is heat treated along with having a titanium finish. Specifications Overall Length: 8.4 Inches Opener Length: 3.5 Inches Opener Material: Heat Treated Stainless Steel Opener Thickness: 3mm Closed Length: 5.25 Inches Other Features: Titanium Nitride Finish, Identical to a Balisong Butterfly Handle: Aluminum Alloy, Titanium Nitride Finish, Multicolor Other Features: Tail End Lock Finish: Titanium Finish, Multicolor, Heat Treated Luster


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