Thin and Serrated Utility Cutter / Knife (Handy Saw)

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This is not your average box cutter. Rather than having a straight-edge razor blade, this cutter is equipped with a serrated saw-type cutting blade. The handy wheel on the side will help you adjust the proper length, and then tighten down to hold the blade in place while you work. Then, just retract the blade back into the handle until you need it again. * Thin ‘saw’ type blade is serrated and thin – works just like a miniature saw! * Retractable to the perfect length for any job – locks into place at length you need * Great For box cutting, crafting, woodworking, office, warehouse, drywall, construction and more * All fit in a yellow plastic case – blade retracts completely for easy carrying and storing * Wheel on side adjusts to the perfect length then locks that length into place – reliable and safe BLACK FRIDAY Specials -Cyber Monday & Holiday Deal


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