Tactical Folding Knife – HAUS Recon Everyday Carry Pocket Knife, Black Anodized Blade, Textured G10 Handle, 5 Inch Folded

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QUALITY DESIGN – QUALITY MANUFACTURING – INCREDIBLE VALUEHAUS Tools is in partnership with one of the largest knife and tool manufacturers in the world. We believe the quality of a product goes hand in hand with innovation. Everything can always be improved. We seek these improvements at every step of a products development, starting with design, tooling, production, packaging and final delivery to our customers. We also believe that bringing great value is extremely important to our customers. We strive to bring the best of all worlds together. Our final goal is to create great products with incredible quality at unbelieveable prices!HAUS RECONThe HAUS Recon is one of the most popular knives in the HAUS Tactical series. This knife is designed to look edgy and mean, but still have a full range of functionality. For this knife, we wanted to design a unique look for the handle and incorperate a rail for lashing paracord. To make sure it had that rugged, tactical look we added some sections of over-sized jimping on the handle. Not only does this look great, but it actually functions as an extra grip for the handle. The knife is designed with a clip point, straight-edge blade and a large flipper with jimping for smooth, easy opening. We finished up the knife with a black anodized finish for the blade and added a rubberized texture to the handle. As with all of our knives, the Recon comes with a sturdy belt clip for attaching to your belt or pocket with no worries of it falling or slipping out. The Recon is an excellent knife for any tactical situation, but is also designed to still be extremely functional for every day carry as well! Our knives have been quality tested to ensure that we are providing the best EDC knives on the market! Our knives are extremely sharp out of the box and they hold their edge extremely well. Our blades are dead on center with very little to no blade play at all! Our goal is to provide YOU with the best EDC knife on the market for the money!


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