Stratus Culinary Ken Onion SKY Straight Utility Knife, 6-Inch, Silver

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Product Description

The sky series of ken onion designed knives continues the tradition of his collections of honoring the elements found in nature. The knives are made with bd1n steel made in reading, pa. This steel has a special chromium molecule in it that has been treated with liquid nitrogen which is the most abundant element in the sky. This treatment enhances the strength of the steel and allows it to become much harder which results in an edge life that is exponentially longer lasting than other top grade stainless steels. In addition, bd1n is highly rust resistant. These knives have also been designed with a special new organic texture applied to the g-10 handle. This process creates one of the most non-slip and comfortable surfaces in the kitchen industry. The sky pattern embossed in the blade emulates clouds and creates a beautiful and functional surface. The pattern keeps food from sticking to the surface of the blade. There are 14 different knives available in this collection.


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