Snap-On 870248 18mm Auto-Loading Snap-Off Knife

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Product Description

Product Description The Snap-On Auto-Loading Snap Blade Utility Knife offers quick blade change so you can get back to work faster. Just push a button, pull out the old blade, close the knife and slide it open to expose a fresh blade. It’s pre-loaded with six heavy duty blades for plenty of cutting action. The razor sharp blades will cut through paper, cardboard, leather, fabric, carpet, linoleum and more.Snap-OnOfficial Licensed Product.Snap-on is a registered trademark of Snap-on IncorporatedCopyright 2015 Snap-on Incorporated.All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A. From the Manufacturer Snap-On 870248 18mm Auto-Loading Snap-Off Knife.


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