Slice 10528 Pointed Tip Ceramic Replacement Blade with 1′ Cutting Depth, Equivalent to 20 Metal Blades (3 Pack), White

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Product Description

Style:Pointed Tip Product Description Slice ceramic utility replacement blades are designed to work exclusively with Slice handles (sold separately) to optimize safety and function. Compatible only with • #10550 Smarty Manual Cutter • #10554 Smarty Auto Cutter • #10558 Smarty Smart Retractable Cutter. For other Slice Boxcutters (10400/10503) or Pen cutters (10512/10513) or Craft Cutters (10514) please utilize Slice 10404 (Rounded Tip) or 10408 (Pointed Tip) blades. Both blade options feature dual sided edges. 1.3 mm thick for strength and durability. Patented blade with proprietary sharpening creates a safer blade. Double sided equivalent of up to 20 single-edge blades. Use the pointed blade tips (10528) for cutting thinner items like paper. On the Mohs hardness scale, Metal blades are rated 5.5 vs. Ceramic blades at 8.2, second only to diamonds. Harder edges maintain sharpness longer, cut better, and require replacement far less frequently. In fact, depending on use, you can go weeks or months without having to replace a single ceramic blade. They also last up to 10x longer! From the Manufacturer Saving Money Just Makes Sense. A single Slice ceramic blade is equivalent up to 10 high-end double-sided metal blades or up to 20 high-end single sided metal blades. In terms of safety, less blade changes also mean less risk of injury. Pointed Tip or Rounded Tip? For thinner items or to make more intricate cuts, utilize the Pointed Tip 10528 to cut paper, coupons, vinyl, etc. The 10526 Rounded tip bladeds offer a safer approach that prevents accidental poking. Both blades have a 1′ cutting depth and the cutting blade itself is finger friendly. Slice Handle: Smart Retracting Blade stays hidden by default. Press slider button to release blade up to 1”. User must hold slider button while cutting, as the smart blade will retract as the user pulls away from cutting material. Preventing injuries when applying excessive force at the end of a cut. Slice Handle: 5 Position Manual Blade Blade stays where positioned. Press the slider button to choose from one of five blade positions – customizing the blade length for each job. (Up to 1”). After cutting, User must toggle slider button to hide blade. Slice Handle: Auto-Retracting Blade stays hidden by default. Press slider button to release blade up to 1′. User must hold slider button while cutting – Upon releasing button, the blade will retract safely. Ideal for Safety Environments. Used by Fortune 1000 Companies More than half the Fortune-1000 use Slice patented ceramic blade box & safety cutters as a safer alternative to dangerous metal blades to reduce injuries & lower costs in manufacturing and operations. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Safe. Elegant. Innovative. How did you come up with the idea for this product? Slice has a commitment to donate 1% of all sales to fund Autism research, primarily through our main benefactor, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford University. What makes your product special? Our proprietary blade manufacturing process combines a unique sharpening angle and thicker ceramic material, resulting in a very unique patented blade that’s safer to the touch vs. metal, and requires pressure to initiate the cut — via our handles. Hence, general blade handling and blade-replacement with Slice ceramic blades is infinitely safer vs. those same activities with traditional metal blades, yet still allows for a wide range of cutting applications. What has been the best part of your startup experience? You can’t simply duplicate a metal blade in ceramic material and achieve what we have created with our current products. There’s a tremendous amount of engineering required on not only the blades and handles individually, but there’s also an incredible amount of engineering required on the combination of the handles and the blades working together in order to produce the desired balance of safer-usage and cutting capability. Even today, for our next generation of products that are currently under development, we spend the majority of our time finding the right balance between handle and blade through trial and error and what seems like endless prototypes. The best part definitely has to be seeing peoples first-time reactions when cutting cardboard with Slice and they realize how awesome the Slice ceramic blade is.


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