Scholar Knife

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Small, compact, and as sharp as a tack, Buck’s Scholar Knife is sure to graduate magna cum laude. With a Drop Point and light design, this knife fits comfortably in your pocket and can take on just about anything. PRODUCT FEATURES: Blade Shape: Drop Point Blade Length: 1 7/8′(4.8 cm) Weight: 1.3 oz. (37 g) Handle: Stainless Steel Carry System: Pocket One Handed Opening: Has a thumb stud, blade hole or other feature to facilitate one-hand use. Some models are one-hand opening and one-hand closing as well 420HC Steel: This is Buck’s standard blade material because it approaches the wear resistance of high carbon alloys while delivering the corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steels. Add our exclusive heat-treat process and you have a very user-friendly combination of superior corrosion resistance with excellent strength for wear resistance and durability. You also have a blade that is easy to resharpen. For best performance we harden to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 58 Drop Point: This blade is full bellied with a strong, thick point for heavier tasks. It can also be used as a general work knife. The top of the blade drops down toward the tip, which minimizes accidental puncturing while skinning. The drop point blade is strong and very versatile 03266SSS , buck knives scholar Knife , scholar Knife buck knives , buck knives scholar , scholar buck knife , buck knife scholar Knife , scholar Knife buck knife , buck knife scholar , scholar buck knife , knives , knifes , sheath knives , sheath knifes , sheathed knifes , sheathed knives , camping knives , camping knifes , pocket knives , pocket knifes , backpacking knives , backpacking knifes , back packing knives , back packing knifes , fishing knives , fishing knifes , hiking knives , hiking knifes , buck knife knives , buck knife knifes , buck knife sheath knives , buck knife sheath knifes , buck knife sheathed knifes , buck knife sheathed knives , buck knife camping knives , buck knife camping knifes , buck knife pock


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