Red Devil 6293 Folding 14 In 1 Painters Tool

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Product Description

The Red Devil 14 in 1 painters tool is an innovative new Painter’s and decorator’s tool that can be used for a variety of professional and household applications. The blade folds into the handle when not in use and with a push of a button folds out easily! it is specially designed with a soft grip handle to decrease hand fatigue. Extra sturdy, high carbon steel blade resist rust and provides maximum strength and durability. Durable brass-plated, solid steel, nail setting head can be used for setting nails and other hammering jobs. Uses include: scraper, spreader, can opener, crack cleaner, nail puller, roller cleaner, convex scraper, bottle opener, nail setter, concave scraper, setting push points, caulk remover, cutting blades, putty knife.


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