Rapid Tools All-Purpose Rapid Edge Serrated Utility Knife Blades (10 blades), 1-Pack

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Product Description

Style:1-Pack Fast-Cutting, Long-Lasting Serrated Blades Each of the utility knife replacement blades included in this convenient 10-pack features our patented Rapid Edge serration pattern. The unique pattern distributes the cutting friction across five individual surfaces, letting the blades slide through tough materials faster and keeping them sharp longer than traditional straight-edged box cutter blades. Versatile All-Purpose Design The utility razor blades are made from a durable metal that is tough enough to take on home renovation materials like shingles, drywall and carpet with ease. The blades are also precise enough to cut down a wide variety of everyday household items like paper, cardboard, rubber and twine, making them ideal for crafts and detailed DIY projects. Use Them with Any Knife The serrated knife blades are designed to be used with any standard utility knife, so you can pair them with your existing box cutter, or purchase one of our ergonomic Rapid Tools knives to upgrade your arsenal of tools for tasks like drywall repair and carpet installation. We offer models with built-in storage for replacement blades, LED safety lights, comfort grips, and a wide variety of other practical features. Convenient Value Pack This 10-pack of safety knife blades is great for everyday cutting and scraping on the job and regular use around the house by dedicated DIYers. Perfect for DIY Home Improvement Projects!


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