Open Season Folding Skinner Knife

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Whether it’s your first hunt of the season or your last, you’ll never want to go out without Buck’s Open Season Folding Knife. Designed to be the only ‘skinner’ that you need, this knife has a comfortable feel and a blade that’s sure to leave you impressed. PRODUCT FEATURES: Blade Shape: Skinner Blade Length: 3 3/4′ (9.5 cm) Weight: 6 oz. (170.1 g) Handle: Thermoplastic Carry System: Sheath Made in the USA 0546BKS , buck open season skinner knives , buck open season skinners , buck open season knives , buck open seasons , open season skinners buck , buck knives open season skinner knives , buck knives open season skinners , buck knives open season knives , buck knives open seasons , open season skinners buck knives , knives , knifes , sheath knives , sheath knifes , sheathed knifes , sheathed knives , camping knives , camping knifes , pocket knives , pocket knifes , backpacking knives , backpacking knifes , back packing knives , back packing knifes , fishing knives , fishing knifes , hiking knives , hiking knifes , buck knife knives , buck knife knifes , buck knife sheath knives , buck knife sheath knifes , buck knife sheathed knifes , buck knife sheathed knives , buck knife camping knives , buck knife camping knifes , buck knife pocket knives , buck knife pocket knifes , buck knife backpacking knives , buck knife backpacking knifes , buck knife back packing knives , buck knife back packing knifes , buck knife fishing knives , buck knife fishing knifes , buck knife hiking knives , buck knife hiking knifes , buck knives knives , buck knives knifes , buck knives sheath knives , buck knives sheath knifes , buck knives sheathed knifes , buck knives sheathed knives , buck knives camping knives , buck knives camping knifes , buck knives pocket knives , buck knives pocket knifes , buck knives backpacking knives , buck knives backpacking knifes , buck knives back packing knives , buck knives back packing knifes , buck knives fishing knives , buck knives fishing knifes , buc


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