Okapi Knife and Tool KO197940 Biltong Pocket Knife

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Product Description

Okapi is a pocket knife and hand-tools manufacturing company based on the north-east Coast of South Africa. The okapi knife is a working knife designed to be highly robust, practical and equally affordable all the while remaining faithful to its rich 112-year-old heritage. Whether an okapi knife is needed for everyday tasks or to clean wild game, the 1055 high carbon steel blades are up to the challenge from one end the continent to the other. The stabilized cherry handle, stainless steel stirrup and back-strap, and sloping shape give the okapi knives their distinctive look, recognizable by collectors around the world. The okapi biltong knife embodies that blend between knife and useful field tool. The 2 1/2′ sheep foot blade performs numerous tasks known for this blade shape with straight clean cuts that you couldn’t with a pointed blade. The simple slip joint design and tight back spring produce a most pleasing and crisp pop when snapped closed. Though atypical in blade and overall shape, the biltong earns its place in the okapi knife family as a unique and functional field knife. With a closed length of 4′ the biltong will be a must have knife in your pack or your pocket whether your wilderness is rural or Urban. Overall: 6 3/4′ blade length: 2 1/2′ handle length: 4′ weight: 1.2 oz blade steel: 1055 handle material: cherry.


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