Modern Box Cutter for Home and School Use – High productivity and unique features with 100% guaranttee (2000 Series, Red)

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Size:2000 Series  |  Color:Red —- Attributes—– • Dry Use only: Cutter for the dry use only. • 3 Precise Blade Depth: 3 precise blade depth setting. Adjust depth according to the thickness of the surface. • Tiny 1 Depth Blade Setting: The ‘1 depth’ is a special feature to be used, if you have a fear that product may damage during cutting. Because during rush the employee may damage the product while cutting the surface with pressure. • Box Edge Guide: The dual-sided edge guide enables left- and right-handed users to make quick, accurate top cuts, and slides back into locked position when the cut is complete. • Holster and Lanyard: The holder will provide safety to the workers and protect them from any injury. • Holster: Holster can be clipped with uniform or belt loop for easy accessibility and time saving. It can be rotated in right or left direction as per convenience to clip on. • Tap Splitter: The tape splitter at back has been created to provide ease to cut tapes and plastic wrapping. No need to use sharp blades. • Standard Blades: Standard blades for regular cutting. • High Standard Blades: Sharp and strong blades as compare to standard blades. Use to cut any sort of hard surface smoothly. • Food Grade Blades: These are stainless steel blades. These are highly recommended for the food industry and sensitive products. • • 2 Blades: Cutter comes with 2 blades. —-Safety attributes—- A gentle squeeze of its ergonomic handle extends the blade naturally. No need for continuous and repetitive thumbing action, thus greatly reduce the risk of injury that is common with other knives and box cutters. When the user is finished with cutting, simply release the handle, and the blade retracts automatically.


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