Meadowlark Pocket Knife

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Let no pocket go without a knife, and a quality one at that, with the Spyderco Meadowlark Pocket Knife. Featuring a hFull flat ground blade, this knife is able to take and hold an edge like you wouldn’t believe. The Meadowlark also features a four way clip option for ease and convenience of use. PRODUCT FEATURES: Full flat ground blade Improved ergonomics New deeper texturing in the FRN handle A four way clip option and a David Boye Dent in the strong back lock Length: 6.9′ (overall), 2.9′ (blade), 4.0′ (closed) Wt: 2.2 oz. 376558 , spyderco Meadowlark Pocket Knife , Meadowlark Pocket Knife spyderco , spyderco Meadowlark Knife , Meadowlark Knife spyderco , spyderco Meadowlark , Meadowlark spyderco , spyderco Meadow lark , Meadow lark spyderco , knives , knifes , folding knives , folding knifes , camping knives , camping knifes , pocket knives , pocket knifes , backpacking knives , backpacking knifes , back packing knives , back packing knifes , fishing knives , fishing knifes , hiking knives , hiking knifes , spyderco knives , spyderco knifes , spyderco folding knives , spyderco folding knifes , spyderco camping knives , spyderco camping knifes , spyderco pocket knives , spyderco pocket knifes , spyderco backpacking knives , spyderco backpacking knifes , spyderco back packing knives , spyderco back packing knifes , spyderco fishing knives , spyderco fishing knifes , spyderco hiking knives , spyderco hiking knifes


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