Kyocera Revolution Series Santoku Knife and Y Peeler Set, 5-1/2′, Pink

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Product Description

Featuring our most popular style knife and peeler. The 2-piece set features a Revolution 5.5′ Santoku Knife and Y Peeler. The Santoku Knife is the ultimate cutting tool for every day slicing of fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. The Y Peeler has an ultra-sharp ceramic blade that will glide through food only peeling the needed amount and nothing more. Conveniently packaged together, it’s the perfect pair for any home cook 5% of each knife sold is donated to breast cancer. Easy Maintenance: If you don’t have a Kyocera ceramic knife sharpener at home, you have the option of utilizing our complimentary sharpening service. When your Kyocera ceramic knives eventually do need sharpening, you can mail them to our sharpening center in Costa Mesa, CA only paying nominal shipping & handling fee. The knives are professionally sharpened on a diamond wheel and promptly returned with a factory-new edge.


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