Knife Firebird F79392-CF Pocket Folding Hunting Knife Carbon fibre Handle SS Blade

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Tourists and fishermen prefer to use the folding knives when travelling outdoors. It is compact and does not require a cover or sheath. The F7392-CF has a great structure and uses quality steel specification 440 C. It is very solid for this category of knife, although it is protected from corrosion better than other types of stainless steel. Due to its 58HRC hardness level of the steel, this knife will stay sharp for a long time after each sharpening. The blade on this model is smooth and therefore this style is recognized as versatile for sharpening, and suitable for most materials that the knife will cut smoothly and neatly. The very same blade surface looks almost matt, because it is processed by the rough grinding Stonewash. It is a popular treatment method that hides any scratches which may develop on the knife blade over. Buyers also prefer a knife that doesnÂ’t leave fingerprints, and it almost totally non-reflective in the sunshine.The knife handle consists of two carbon linings. This material is chosen for strength and good operational use. Its structure is composite, because it is made to withstand high loads. Carbon fibre does not absorb water and will not fade in the Sun.In the model F7392-CF a Castle G – lock is used, this is an industry-wide mechanism. with a spring-loaded pin. It is renown for reliability, durability and providing a lasting service. To prolong the life of this castle lock, just keep it clean.


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