Knife F7533-GR Firebird by Ganzo G7533 Pocket Folding Hunting Knife G-10 Handle SS Blade

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Product Description

This is a knife for any job that you may need to perform while enjoying the outdoors – can be described as a model Firebird F7533. This knife is can easy cope with everyday problems and also those whose solution requires a particularly durable and reliable knife. The Firebird F7533 base material is stainless steel. Designers choose an inexpensive but very balanced option – Alloy 440C. It easily resists rust or other forms of corrosion. However, the composition of the alloy allows a steel long enough to hold a good sharpened edge and itÂ’s easy to re-sharpen it even with pocket sharpener. Therefore, the Firebird F7533 knife is so well suited for tourism. It will require minimal care to perfectly serve its owner while traveling on vacation or serious hiking expeditions, fishing and hunting, or conducting of any serious tasks. A special feature of this model is that the blade is covered with a dark matt paint color. It firstly removes any glare from the sun, and secondly protects the metal from further corrosion. This coating makes it possible to use the knife for tactical purposes. A smooth sharpened blade along the entire length allows the user to use of the knife when working with different structures and hardness of materials. The blade length for this model is 8.9 cm. It is durable and comfortable due to the form drop-point with a tip at the end of the blade and a blade thickness of 0.33 cm. For the handle the designers decided to use one of the most reliable modern materials – fibreglass G10. It is not easily damaged when exposed to water. This material does not burn in the sun and is pleasant to the touch during a frost. At the same time, fiberglass, made by combining fiberglass with epoxy resin – a very durable material, has good resistance to strikes, and tolerates a high load.


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