Knife F7412-CF Firebird Pocket Folding Hunting Knife Carbon Fibre Handle SS Blade

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The Firebird F741-2CF model has all the practical features that make it a good tourist attraction. First of all, this blade does not rust. It is made from high quality steel 440c. This stainless steel has high hardness, that give the knife a strong cutting edge, which will long remain sharp after using the knife. Considering that the blade on this model is smooth, it is enough just to be eroded even in field conditions using an ordinary pocket knife-sharpener. Important that blade is manufactured according to Stone-wash technology, which gives the blade a matt finish. A lot of smaller and different strokes make larger scratches more invisible that appear during operation. The Firebird F741 knife has a blade length of 89 mm, and its form is a drop-point.The Ganzo company’s engineers chose a carbon look plastic handle with a composite structure of interwoven carbon filaments and polymeric resins. This material is lightweight and not susceptible to corrosion, and at the same time its strength is comparable with steel handle. The Firebird F741-black has a steel clip so the knife can be attached to a belt.And one more important detail about the Firebird F741-2CF knife; this model uses G-lock mechanism which is well known for its reliability and security. It opens just with one hand, and has an independent triggering mechanism which is completely included.


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