Knife F7392-GR Firebird Pocket Folding Hunting Knife G-10 Handle SS Blade

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Product Description

The Firebird F7392 is very useful for tourists, fishermen, amateurs of active rest or even extreme sports. This knife is very practical and durable, and does not require complicated care. Its blade is made from an established steel 440 c stainless alloy. Therefore, you can use the knife without restrictions on fishing or camping trips where it is difficult to implement a full blade care model. The Firebird F7392 model uses a popular resurfacing Stone Washed metal, which gives non-shiny and almost matt finish. The advantage of this grinding is that scratches on the metal become less noticeable. Blade length is 86 mm and it is completely locked up using a simple mechanism. This is the most common type of sharpening, which also contributes to a lot of versatility.The G10 Firebird F7392 handle is made of a modern synthetic fiberglass material. This knife is easily formed, and therefore has a fully ergonomic handle shape that helps prolong its use, and doesnÂ’t fatigue the Palm of your hand. Also, the plastic is easily dyed, making three variants of this model knife: with black, bright orange and mossy green handle options. With any of these, a stainless steel clip is attached, which can be used to lock the knife onto a belt.Another feature is lock blade locking. This knife keeps the blade in one of the possible extreme positions. In this model, the manufacturers have used G-lock. Therefore, the Firebird F7392 remains firmly closed when the knife rests in your pocket, and will not spring open under any circumstances during its use.


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