Kershaw 1945 Barge Knife, Black

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You know you do it. And you know you shouldn’t. You should never use the blade of your knife-especially the blade of your folding knife-as a pry bar. However, if you’re pry-prone anyway, we now have the right knife for you. The Barge features an integral pry bar that extends from the back spacer of the knife. Now there’s no need to even think about wrenching on something with your blade. Finally, you’ve got the right tool for the job-an actual pry bar built into the back of the knife. That said, the Barge’s other end is pretty handy, too. The shorter blade is a modified Wharncliffe with a fairly straight edge, which is a great shape for a general utility knife. That edge is extra handy for when you might need to bear down on something you’re cutting. The stonewashed finish hides scratches easily. The handle has a faux G-10 textured front scale for grip and a stonewashed steel back with sturdy frame lock. The pocket clip is designed for tip-down carry and is left/right reversible. Next time you need to pry, you know what to do. Grab the Barge.


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