Ka-Bar 5602 Adventure Gamestalker Hunting Fixed Blade Knife

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Product Description

An industrial engineer by training, Steve Johnson developed an interested in metallurgy and knife-making as a young boy and began making hand-made pieces for friends. He teamed up with KA-BAR a couple years back and today the Company offers six Johnson Adventure Blades through its KA-BAR Master Series. The Adventure Game stalker knife is constructed from 1095 Cro-Van Steel. The fact that the knife is small and lightweight allows for easy carry while hunting without getting in the way, but can also get the job done. The unique shape of the blade allows for many different chores such as, cutting, skinning, & field dressing. The orange handle makes it easy to locate if set down outdoors or lost in leaves or brushy area. This Kabar knife comes with a brown nylon sheath.


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