Jabe’s Classic Western Cowboy Wood Grain Black Pattern Folding Pocket Knife

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Product Description

The Jabe’s Classic Folding Pocket Knife is a very useful and stylish pocket knife which will satisfy your needs. The Handle is very beautiful and elegant; It features a classic red and black color palette, and it is accented by white floral designs on the sides, which together give the knife a very western and classic look. The blade is 2.75 inches long, enough for being a great utility tool or a lifesaver in certain situations. It’s sharp, long-lasting and well-built with high quality materials. When fully extended, the knife measures 6 inches, long enough to be handled with ease. All in all, the Jabe’s Classic Cowboy Folding knife is a great tool that you never know when you may need it. It can be used for many things, such as opening boxes and packages, camping, fishing and even first aid and protection. As a well-built piece of equipment, it will withstand all kinds of uses really easily, as this is a very dependable knife. This is a great gift for any adventurer in your life that loves stylish knives but also uses them heavily.


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