Homax 6500 Drywall Taping Tool

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Product Description

Product description Drywall tasks around the home don’t have to be a hassle, IF you have the right tools for the job. Homax® makes it drywalling faster and easier with our home improvement tools. Homax® Drywall Taping Tool applies both mud and tape simultaneously to drywall seams. The Taping Tool helps achieve a properly bedded tape joint prior to finishing coats and sanding, in less time. Applies 60 feet of tape and mud in 60 seconds. The adjustable mud control knob lets the user adjust and maintain a consistent coat of mud under the tape. Faster and easier than bedding tape manually, Homax® Drywall Taping Tool holds 5 lbs. of mud and accommodates up to 500 ft. of tape. This time-saving tool helps to maintain consistent mud thickness which can prevent future blistering. From the Manufacturer Applies bedding mud and drywall tape in one step. A time saver that also helps prevent future blistering by maintaining consistent mud thickness. Features adjustable mud control knob and tape tracking wheels. Holds up to 500 feet of tape.


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