Homax 6500 Drywall Taping Tool Banjo PLUS Professional Series Joint Knife to Cut and Smooth Tape

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Product Description

Homax 6500 Drywall Taping Banjo. Handheld Taper kit includes a professional quality joint knife which is absolutely necessary for taping with a banjo. Use the knife to cut the tape, press tape into corners and smooth/skim the joints and bed the tape after application. The USG Sheetrock 6′ Pro Series Joint Knife is a professional quality tool with performance and durability way beyond the cheap putty knives. Carbon steel blade resists rust and has the perfect amount of flex for taping joints. The soft-grip handle feels great in your hand and won’t slip like cheaper knives with hard plastic handles. It has a hammer end for sinking any nails that are above the surface of the drywall. The Homax 6500 Banjo is the lightweight answer to make your taping faster and easier. Perfect for remodelers and for professionals that need to tape drywall seams in tight areas such as closets or small spaces. The Homax Banjo applies the mud and tape in one easy step. Tape is more consistent as the flow of mud is adjustable to your needs using the adjustment dial. Apply 60 feet of tape in 60 seconds. Follow up by bedding the tape with the included joint knife and smoothing excess mud to create a clean seam that won’t blister or crack. Features: Simultaneously Applies The Mud And Tape. Consistent Mud Flow Lessening The Chance of Blistering. Adjustable Dial Adjusts The Rate Of Mud Flow. Stainless Steel Gears Grip And Dispense Tape Evenly. Holds Approximately 5 lbs. (2.25 kg) Of Mud. Holds Tape Rolls Up To 500 ft. (150m).


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