Hoffner Knives 3.5′ Folding Knife – Flatline Khaki Grip; Silver Combo Blade

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Product Description

Renowned defensive knife Trainer Brian Hoffner provides the most effective defensive knife training system in the world and has now designed the perfect folding knife to work in his system. The Hoffner patent pending folding knife has features like no other knife on the planet making it the ultimate close quarter battle blade. When closed the knife handle provides a powerful striking surface at the axis end and compliance tool surfaces at the butt end; but make no mistake about it; when the Hoffner blade is deployed is a devastatingly effective defensive weapon. The circular index socket on each side of the handle provides a fast and secure presentation of the knife; transitions between holds and ensures a proper and strong grip index that will not slip in the hand and makes the blade work at a point 1 1/2 inch longer than it actually is. The pocket clip can be mounted on either grip for ambidextrous use. Available in combination edge; smooth edge and Red training knife; the Hoffner CQB/CT close quarters battle/(defensive)/compliance tool (less lethal) is the ultimate knife. If you have your pants on; you should have your Hoffner blade on.


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