HAWKMATE Drywall Plaster Taping Tool

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Product Description

HAWKMATE, an alluminum plate attached to the underside of a drywall hawk (Hawk Not Included) ,insert drywall taping knives/trowels for storage,protection and easy retrival. The HawkMate is a plasterer’s tool that innovatively holds putty and packling knives and plaster spreaders on its underside for quick and efficient retrieval. The HawkMate’s patented technology is proven to save time and money by keeping knives at a plasterer’s finger tips. The Hawkmate not only protects plastering tools themselves from chipping, but keeps these sharp tools out of pant pockets and prevents doors and walls from becoming scraped. *Hawk, Knives and Spreaders Not Included. This item is ONLY the plate that mounts to a Hawk


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