Gunter Wilhelm Executive Chef Series Model 213 5′ Utility Knife

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Gunter Wilhelm cutlery use top of the line, premium X50CrMoV15 high-carbon stainless German steel. This steel keeps an edge longer and stays sharper than other types of steel, while able to be easily sharpened when needed. Gunter Wilhelm’s special heat treatment and ice hardening process allows our steel to be maintained more easily than other top leading brands in the world due to an outstanding 59 on the Rockwell scale (hardness). Also featured is our patented triple tang design in the fully forged handle. We are the first to feature this design, contributing to our exceptional weight and perfectly balanced feel needed for any and every job, from simple home cooking to the most exquisite meals prepared by the top chefs in the world. We are proud to have our knives used by top chefs in the White House, Vice President’s Residence, and Camp David. Chef Guy Mitchell of the White House Chef Tour travels around the country with former and current Navy chefs and exclusively uses our knives for shows, demonstrations, and exhibitions. Maneet Chauhan, of Food Network’s show Chopped, also loves our knives and uses them exclusively in her kitchen. One of our most popular knives, this Utility knife is a necessity in every kitchen. Great for slicing and dicing small to medium produce, and good for slicing up small cutlets of meat. Comes in protective sleeve. *NOTE* Our nylon protective sheaths are not covered by any warranty. Additional sheaths can be purchased over the phone. Sheaths are meant to protect the blade from damage if stored with other knives. Pictures includes images that are examples of the product’s general condition. Condition may vary.


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