German Carbide Replacement Cutting Blades for Craft Cutting Machines Bridge Cricut Refine 1 Standard Cut blade

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German carbide blades for use in cricut, bridge, silhouette, refine, machines last 3 times longer than standard blade. Silhouette and Brother machines need universal blade holder. German Carbide Blades for use in craft machines. Replacement blades work with: Bridge, Circuit, Circuit Explore, Refine, Roland machines Includes: 1 – German Carbide Standard Blade. These blades are carbide treated giving it extra long lasting blade edge. -Use to cut media like card stock with the Deep Cut Blades. – IF TEARING OR NOT EXACT corners or fine detail is not able to be cut this is usually ***NOT THE CAUSE OF A DULL BLADE*** but rather the use of the wrong blade angle for the media desired. Too often people blame a blade for being dull when if a proper angle blade is used with the desired media this would eliminate the problem in 90% of the situations. This is most always true with the carbide hardening process used on our blades as they are very durable compared to a standard blade metal. -The length of the blade is NO FACTOR, different makers use different length front edge. THE ONLY part of the blade that contacts the media is the angle tip. Deep cut is always 60 degree, Standard is always 45 degree. Do not be confused by a longer front edge as it will never touch what your cutting. -Media and blade choice: Blade angle is not how much metal blade is showing or how thick or long the shaft is. None of that actually comes in contact with the media it is cutting. Only a fraction of the tip ever meets the media. Precision cutting is all dependent on the right angle for the media. Angle is calculated by the “empty” space that the blade has. -45° Standard Media Paper Vinyl Stickers Some Card Stock -60° Deep Media Card Stock Fabric Magnets Cork Quality pledge: If you have any issue with the craftmanship of our blades please contact us directly and our staff will work hard to help you resolve any concern. We back our product 100% for its durability and precision.


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