Gerber Vital Pack Saw [31-002741]

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Product Description

The Vital Pack Saw easily slices through the bones of big game animals and does so in comfort. Its rubber handle fits precisely within your palm as it works to cut through the dense bone using a sawing motion. The serrations are configured to increase sawing efficiency over that of traditional saws and in tandem with the ergonomically grippy handle, this tool makes short work of getting through even the most challenging parts of the animal. Risk of breaking the bladder or intestines virtually disappears given the saw’s blunted tip, ensuring the meat will not be harmed in the dressing process. At the deft overall length of 6 Inch, the Vital Pack Saw’s high-visual Vital orange handle is configured for great, solid grip while dressing game. It packs tidily into its fabric sheath, which hooks neatly onto a belt for speedy access and storage. Gerber limited lifetime warranty.


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