Garrett Wade Standard Grafting Tool

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The Professional Italian Grafting Tools are designed to cut both the scion (the shoot or bud to be grafted) and the rootstock, the main plant onto which the graft will be made (usually chosen for its strong roots). Proper alignment of the two parts is essential to the success of the graft ? it allows a structural union that does not impede the essential transfer of nutrients to form as the graft heals. The pro Grafting Tools ensure proper alignment by using the same blade for cutting both the scion and the stock, whichever the type of graft. The Standard Grafting Tool is appropriate for stock up to 1/2′ in diameter. It performs three types of grafts ? V-graft and Omega-graft, as well as, budding or T-graft (in which a single bud is inserted into the side of the stock) and includes a special blade for each type (full instructions on changing blades is included). The Large Grafting tool will handle larger stock and comes with a V-blade and Omega-blade that will cut a side-notch in stock up to 1-3/4? in diameter. Also included FREE with both tools is the booklet, Grafting Fruit Trees, an excellent introduction full of instructional illustrations and the basic whens, whats and hows (a$3.50 value). Grafting is a fascinating and challenging aspect of gardening. It is used to adapt plants to unfavorable soil or climate conditions, repair damage and control pests. Grafting allows the gardener and arborist to provide a longer growing season and a greater diversity of plant varieties. It is a versatile technique with a degree of technical, scientific content; it will take a bit of time and practice to become proficient. Yet, a gardener with a few skills can actually assist nature (much like a midwife) while increasing his garden?s bounty and enjoying a very rewarding endeavor.


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