Folding Knife Grand Way S-31 – Hight Quality Pocket Knife with Black G-10 Handle – Good for Camping, Survival, Outdoor and Indoor activities

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Grand Way Pocket Knife S-31 is a folding knife, which is a combination of a perfectly balanced parameters and characteristics.Black cover plates of the handle are made of composite material G10, that’s why the handle is convenient and ergonomical. Four-positioned clip is moderately tight and springy. Sword knot is very big and bushed with thick steel tube.Liners of the knife are lightened by millet technology and sank in G10.The blade is with straight slopes, big hole simplifies one-hand opening. The joining all over the length of the cutting edge is 0.6 mm, which provides excellent cutting properties. The ergonomics is thought over to the details. The support for the thumb has a small and very tenacious notching. The same notching is also put on the ricasso, which allows to accurately control the blade while performing sophisticated tasks.Compression Lock has a very reliable fixation mechanism. It starts from the beginning of rear part of the blade and securely fastens it, also makes a comely chattering. The fixation mechanism in a folded position works reliably and faultlessly. The ball tightly fastens the folded blade and it’s impossible that the blade will unfold occasionally or while waving. It can easily be opened with fingers. The only weak point is that it’s not convenient to fold it with one hand, but such kind of lock is highly secure and provides good fixation.The mechanics of the knife is splendid, the motion of the blade is smooth and without jerks while bending or unbending which is the result of brass pucks work.S-31 is a brilliant light knife for everyday carrying and usage in a city.Detailed Specifications:Blade length: 80 mmHandle length: 120 mmTotal length: 210 mmButt width: 3.6 mmStainless steel 9Cr18MoVHardness: 58 HRCCompression lockBlade processing: transversal sateen


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