Fixman: A set of two flat knives with self-locking snap off SK5 0,35 inches notched blade

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Lightweight and very functional, this knife is designed especially for you! Accuracy and efficiency without an effort: due to its lightweight and 0.35 inches steel sectional blade, you will duly appreciate the precision of cutting of these Fixman knives. Their self-locking non-return system allows to securely fix the blade during cutting to obtain an incredibly precise result. Safety and durability: the blade of this snap off knife can be easily snapped back to the handle upon completion of the work. Thus, you increase the service life of the blade and avoid troubles and risks of an accidental damage, especially when you put the knife into the pocket of your trousers. Due to this ergonomic and lightweight knife, cutting is more easier than ever! In addition, its thin 0.35 inches wide blade allows you to make even the small cuts, which makes this tool indispensable one in your tool box! Equipped with blade holder and stainless steel guide, these knives are really designed to be your repair assistant. Few words about Zeeshop Our objective: Make sure that you are satisfied with the purchase! We strive to provide You with the highest quality products available and at beneficial prices! Our team of professionals is ready to answer any questions you may have to ensure optimum after sales maintenance and customized approach to each client! Don’t forget to visit our page on Facebook:


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