Fixed Blade Knife with Rubberized Handle for Hunting and Fishing – Good for Camping and Travels – Dependable Knife for Survival

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The Grand Way Fixed Blade Hunting Knife (model 148109) features a straight edge solid blade and rubberized handle, with a 9.5-inch overall length.This beautifully crafted hunter knife features a 4-inch, 420HC stainless steel blade for added strength and durability.Knife comes complete with a free heavy-duty reliable sheath for safe and secure carry made of nylon, ensuring that it’s always by your side when you need it most.The contoured handle and safety guard make maneuvering through field dressing a breeze. This military rambo 3 knife is one of the best tools you can count on.It can be used also to rescue yourself in extreme situations. Grand Way offers a lot of tactical and bowie knives and this one is an excellent usa survivor knife for quite a cheap price with an awesome discount and strong straight sharp blade for real man. With this ultimate knife you can hunt for a wild boar, hog, deer, buck or even grylls bear.It is not pocket since it is big enough, so you can carry it on your belt or as a boot knife what every men usually do.If you don’t have on hand the real large and long bushcraft knife this one can also help you since it has a very thick blade and can handle a huge pressure. For somebodies it looks like marine survival knife or combat knife or even army knife but probably it is not. It is original hunted knife whereever you go – forest, field or mountain – take it with you and feel the power of this well-made, durable, stabbing knife. The straight blade is thick and sharpened enough to help you to cut through rib cage, bones and joints.Anyone who wants to go hunting, camping or wants to add a high-quality knife to your collection, hunting kit or survival set should by this knife. The company «GRAND WAY» – is engaged in production and development of projects of knives (folding, hunting, tactical, souvenir with more than 1000 species.) under its own brand for over 15 years.


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