Firewall Belt Cutter Glass Breaker Emergency Knife

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Product Description

This knife is Hot, Hot, Hot and not just because we have specifically designed it for the extraordinary men and women who selflessly fight fires for us on the daily but because…. well look at it. The knife was constructed to stand up in emergency situations, take a beating, and keep performing. The handle has been contoured for a comfortable grip and made out of zinc aluminum with a steel frame and liner locking mechanism. Being double walled makes the handle strong and long lasting especially with such features as a glass breaker and belt cutter. The steel tanto style blade has a black anodized finish with a partial serration which is good to have in situations where you need an extra cutting edge. On the back of this blade is a steel belt clip to secure the knife in your pocket or on your belt at all times. This is a top quality blade to have at your side when you roll up on the scene of an emergency situation.


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