Damascus Hunting Knife With Sharpener and Sheath Beautiful Bushcraft Knife

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Carrying a hunting dagger doesn’t always make you feel comfortable, especially due to its ill-fitting blade size. Hunting damascus steel knife sounds like a good replacement here. A 56-58 hrc knife, whose length is also no longer than 8 inches makes a perfect tool to carry and accomplish your wild killing game nicely and smoothly. In addition, it is coming with a sharpener and a bushcraft sheath, which further promises to minify your carrying difficulties. Speaking of its quality and design, you don’t have to worry at all as it is an amazing pick from Perkin Knives’ collection. Using a damascus steel knife always assures you of one thing for sure and it is its blade’s quality. With over 300 layers of steel metal, the blade gets fabricated and then sharpened for quick slit, skinning and cutting. With all these features, this knife fits perfect to your hunting needs..Overall Length : 8 inches, Damascus blade length: 4.0 inch Burl Wood Handle 4.0 inches. This item must be used responsibly and appropriately. We are based in UK and we do not have any other retailer or branch.


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