Custom Made Turquoise/Coral Inlay 5 inch Toothpick Folding Pocket Knife

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Product Description

This is a beautiful, custom made, Native American style, folding pocket knife. This knife was hand crafted in New Mexico. The amazingly detailed handle is comprised of various composited stones including Turquoise, Malachite, Coral, Onyx, Jasper, Desert Jade and Lapis. The varied stones have been artistically arranged to form a unique, one of a kind pattern in the handle. The toothpick style blade has the marking ‘stainless steel’ stamped on the ricasso near the polished handle. The blade and grind have a satin finish with the spine having a beautifully polished finish. This knife has been hand crafted with meticulous care and is truly a work of art. Any collector will proudly display this artistic knife with their collection.


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