Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) 2450 Hyphenate Serrated Blade Climbers Knife

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Product Description

Bridges the gap between knives in places bridges don’t exist. The Hyphenate is a fixed blade climbing knife. But it also likes venturing into the world of camping or anywhere in the outdoors. Hans Florine of Lafayette, CA, designed the Hyphenate to seamlessly cross boundaries from camp, to the trail to the big walls he climbs. Being a world-renowned speed climber he needed a compact knife that could hold its own in any condition. A modified tanto blade design has both a smooth and serrated edge that feels equally at home creating tinder for the fire or cutting yourself free if a sling or rope has you caught in a jam. This is a minimal knife with maximum cutting power yet is lightweight enough to keep up with you on any adventure. The handle features two large holes that help with grip but they also shave off precious ounces you don’t need while climbing. A tough, glass-reinforced nylon sheath aligns with one of the holes so that you can secure the knife with a carabineer while not in use. If you’re looking for a knife that can go the distance in a variety of terrain, you should reach for the Hyphenate.


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