Columbia River Knife and Tool 6415 CRKT Snicker Folding Knife, Black

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Product Description

In the face of daily duties, the snicker always has the last laugh. It’s one of the most compact everyday carry folders out there that still performs with the punch of a full-size blade. This fold-er is proof that skipping the bulk doesn’t mean skimping on performance. Phil Booth of Ithaca, Michigan designed the snicker after spending over 20 years Honing in the design of its sister, the minnow. Pleased with the minnow’s compact design, powerful capability, and huge popularity, he applied what he knew to Elevate the snicker to the head of the pack. Though compact, the modified drop point blade is surprisingly burly and capable once it’s deployed from its glass-reinforced Nylon handle. The subtle carbon fiber texture improves grip and turns heads as it tears through anything that dares to underestimate it. It’ll never skip a beat, and neither will you when the locking liner locks the blade in place. If anyone dares to judge the snicker by its compact size, it’ll be you that gets the last laugh.


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