Columbia River Knife and Tool 5290 Tighe Rade EDC Knife

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In hand or in action, this is one to show off. Brian Tighes doesn’t know how to do anything subtle. Case in point: his latest everyday carry folding knife with a button lock screams style. The aluminum handle features contoured, textured grooves. A compound ground blade deploys swiftly with a flipper and IKBS or ambidextrous dual thumb studs. About the only thing it doesn’t do well is sit idly; it’s apt to go on a tirade. Designer Brian Tighes of Ridgeville, Ontario, Canada, upped the ante when he created the Tighes Rade. From tip to tail this one-of-a-kind, high-tech folder boasts looks that seem more at home on a fighter jet than a knife. It’s a welcomed new addition to the impressive line of award-winning knives that Tighes has become so well known for designing. The tip is ground and reinforced for stronger cutting applications, while closer to the handle it’s perfect for finer cutting tasks and wire stripping. And with its highly stylized aluminum handle and multiple usage blade, the Tighes Rade is packed with substance and style. The unique design maximizes overall performance and ease of sharpening, and the easy to operate and disengage button lock keeps everything secure while it’s open. The sophisticated and modern Tighes Rade is one part smooth operator mixed with one part showpiece.


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