Columbia River Knife and Tool 2903 Hissatsu Folding Knife

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Product Description

Product Description James Williams is actively involved in teaching military special operations and Government security professionals who must at times perform their daily high-risk duties in environments which do not allow them to carry firearms or a large fixed blade knife such as the hissatsu. At training sessions and demonstrations, they have asked James to design a folder with the Defensive power of the hissatsu that can be a concealed carry in a pocket or clipped comfortably under a jacket. The result is the CRKT hissatsu folder. Blade length is 3.875 inch , which is safely under the legal limit in most jurisdictions, while blade finish is in a non-reflective black coating. The blade shape is a classical samurai design which gives outstanding penetrating power as well as exceptional slashing performance. CRKT has used their premium AUS 8 stainless steel for the optimum in strength and edge-holding ability with very good Stain resistance. For rapid deployment, we have incorporated our patented OutBurst From the Manufacturer 2903 Hissatsu Folder made by Columbia River Knife and Tool features a 3.875-Inch blade made from AUS 8 stainless steel that is finished with a non-reflective black coating. The shape of the blade is classic Samurai. The knife also features CRKT’s patented OutBurst assisted opening mechanism and patented AutoLawks safety. It also has heavy-duty stainless steel liners and black textured Zytel scales. It is a knife that is built to last.


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