Cold Steel 3 Gladius Throwers W/ Tri-Sheath 80TG3S

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Cold Steel PRESIDENT Lynn C thompson has been training and experimenting with throwing knives for over three decades. Although Lynn has trained competition style throwing, his personal interests have always been grounded in combative application. As a martial artist he has always been fascinated by the use of throwing weapons to distract or wound while evading or closing distance. As such, he rarely stands still and throws from a mark. His throwing is often made at speed and while running, dodging or Fighting. Therefore, he has long been interested in designing and creating a combative knife that would also serve as an instinctive (and highly effective) throwing knife. It was with that in mind, that Lynn designed what we call our Gladius thrower. It’s solid, one-piece Tempered steel blade can easily be sharpened and Paracord wrapped to create a very functional knife, but it’s wide ‘Roman point’ and superb balance make it an excellent thrower even at extended distances. Designed to stick with either its sturdy point or tapered butt, the Gladius thrower makes a fun and unusual sport thrower as well as a combative option! throwing flat and hitting hard with a satisfying ‘thunk’ it’s sure to be an unusual and much talked about edition to any throwers collection.


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