Authentic Gurkha Kukri – 9′ Blade Nepal Police Kukri Handmade by GK&CO. Kukri House in Nepal

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This is Official Issue Khukuri (kukri) to Nepal Police. Most Nepalese Police officers, while they are in uniforms they carry this Kukri. The duty officers also carry this kukri. They have few other Police forces Kukri issued in special occasion or during training. Nepal Police khukuri has the cross khukuri insignia at the end cap of the handle to distinguished them self as Nepal Police Force. Besides carrying the knife on duty time, this blade can be used to chop wood or bone cleaning bushes. The blade is made of Highly Graded Carbon with balanced temper on the edge of the blade therefore its very strong. The blade is 9′ long while handle is 5′ long made of rosewood. This kukri is ideal for homeuse as well as outdoors. The edge of the blade has pouring water temper which made the blade very song and unbreakable. The Kukri Specifications: This is handcrafted knife therefore please note that each one might have slight variations in measurement. * Blade Hardness: Spine: 22-25 RC, Belly: 45-46 RC, Edge: 58-60 RC, Steel Type: 5160 Car Spring * Blade size & Type: 9.00Inches (22.86cm) Hand made, Highly Grade Carbon Steel, Unpolished Blade * Handle size: 5.00 Inches (12.7cm) full tang handle made of Rose wood. * Overall Length: 14.00inches (35.56cm) from tip of the blade to pommel of the handle (Aprox) * Weight: 1.32lbs or 21.16Oz (600 grams) Approx, Blade and Sheath * Scabbard: Cotton Covered in Buffalo Leather * Origin: Dharan, East Nepal


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