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This Ulu Factory Alaskan Ulu Knife Gift Set is the last you’ll every need! From chopping nuts to slicing cheese and meats, cleaning and filleting fish to dressing game, this 6′ Ulu Knife does it all. Used for centuries by Native people of the Arctic, it increases dexterity and leverage, making fine cuts simple and heavy chopping easier. 3-Pc. Set includes: Curved Stainless Steel Blade rocks back and forth to cut quickly. The Laminated Alaskan Birch and American Walnut 8′ Cutting Block lets you cut on the back, and chop in the Contoured Bowl that matches the curve of the blade, plus you get a BONUS Instructional Video. Weighs approx. 1 lb., 14 ozs. Chop chop! Cut yourself in by ordering ONLINE today! The Ulu Factory Alaskan Ulu Knife Set


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