3 in 1 Survival Folding Knife with Screwdriver and LED Light

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The Survival Folding Knife and MulitoolThe Survival Folding Knife and multitool is equipped to handle jobs on the run. With a 3 3/8 inch partially serrated blade this knife can cut through wood to make kindling.The second tool this knife has is an LED light.  The thumb-sized LED has enough power to illuminate a dark path or help you find your keys if there are no street lights.The third tool is a screwdriver. Included you’ll have 4 attachments. Flathead, Phillips, Alan (hex) wrench, and a torx (or star) bit.To put it simply, this is one of the most well rounded multitool knives you’ll find.  It’s got everything you need in an EDC – A durable handle, sharp blade, and gadgets to help you get the job done. Powerful Illumination Whether you’re out in the woods and you need a flashlight, you are trying to find your car keys at night, or you get hit with a power outage, it’s always smart to have a light with you.The LED attachment quickly folds out from your pocket knife right where your thumb would rest.Turning the mini light off and on is easy, and if you drop your knife, the handle will protect any fragile components.Durable Screwdriver BitsThe 3 in 1 Folding Knife has one more trick up its sleeve.  The multi bit screwdriver function.  Your knife comes with 4 bits. Flathead Phillips Alan wrench or hex key (6 sided) Torx wrench or star wrench (6 points)Each bit is magnetic and tucks away nicely into the handle after use.  The actual bit driver is on the handle.Bits are double sided and have two different sizes that can be used when you flip them over,Upgrades and Technical Specs?The blade has been switched from silver to black at the request of active duty military who don’t want the blade reflecting light.The new black blade will not become a reflector in the sun now.This is also a perk for hunters, or anyone who wants to remain concealed.Everyday carry (EDC) clip allows you to take this knife everywhere.Put it in your pocket, or clip it directly to your belt.Specs and Sizes:Total Open Length and weight – 7 1/2 inches long and .3 pounds or 150 grams 4 1/4 inch handle – Meaning that when the locked blade is closed, this can easily fit in your pocket. 3 3/8 inch partially serrated blade – Large enough to cut through tree limbs, small enough to be agile. Screwdriver – 1/4 in bit driver with 4 separate attachments, allowing this to be a real multipurpose tool with magnetic bit storage. Blade Features – 1 inch wide, a thickness of 1/10 inches, and a hardness of 58 HRC. Handle Features – Titanium coating, easily breaks glass. Comes with clip and bottle opener.


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