2010012 Cold Steel Tuff Lite Serrated Edge 20Lts

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Product Description

Tough enough to do the job and light enough to be handy, Cold Steel Tuff-Lite folders are there when you need them. They’re perfectly sized to slip into a pocket, clip to your waistband, or wear around your neck on a lanyard. Offering wide, hollow ground, 2 and 2 1/2 inch blades, they are mercilessly sharp and can shear through the toughest materials with unexpected ease. And, due to their slant point, they offer deep penetration and precision cutting potential without appearing aggressive enough to draw unwanted attention. The Mini Tuff-Lite folders are bred for work and offer a surprisingly good grip due to their superbly engineered handles. Made of Grivory, they offer an enormous strength to weight ratio and feature our state of the art Tri-Ad lock, which gives them astonishing muscle for their size. Small and inconspicuous, yet strong and tough enough to PREVAIL in an emergency, they make terrific 24/7 companions for all walks of life.


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