2 Sheets 8’x12′ Kydex T-.080 Safety Orange-DIY Sheath Or Holster Material

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2 Sheets 8’x12′ Kydex T-.080 Safety Orange Sheaths and or Knife NOT INCLUDED, shown for the purpose of displaying one of the many uses of Kydex™ Kydex® sheet is an extremely durable Acrylic-PVC alloy range of colors, textures. Kydex® can be thermoformed, post formed, brake formed and laminated. Features Superior formability, fabrication and tooling quality makes Kydex® the best choice for countless projects. Using standard tools, Kydex® sheets can be drilled, brake formed or punch pressed. Kydex can reduce the number of individual parts needed in many applications, thereby reducing assembly costs. Kydex applications range from aviation and transit interiors, medical equipment and building interiors to furniture and fixtures. Kydex can be used as protection from electrical shock and has multiple equipment housing applications for tools such as electrical welders that require durability and high impact strength. No other thermoplastic sheet stands up to impact, scratches, and gouging like Kydex®. Common Applications • Gun holsters and knife sheaths • Thermoformed equipment housings • Flat laminated panels of all types • Kickplates and pushplates • Exhibits and kiosks • Aircraft, bus, automotive, and train interior parts • Membrane pressed components • Work stations • Pedestals and stands • Furniture components Cleaning Kydex Kydex® is very easy to clean: tough stains, scuffs, and graffiti can be removed using strong cleaners with no staining or surface damage to the material. Kydex® sheet will retain its original beauty with routine cleaning and care. To ensure that your part maintains its original appearance, use mild soap and lukewarm water to remove light dirt. To remove heavier dirt or grease from texture valleys, a short stiff bristled brush should be used to loosen the debris and oils followed by a water rinse.


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